Hammond L122 Tonewheel Organ For Sale

Hammond L122 Tonewheel Organ (Spinet type)




This Hammond L-122 is the type that used to be used on tour by the late, great Keith Emmerson & can also be  heard on A Whiter Shade of Pale and many other hits from the early sixties onwards. It has built in speakers & is called a spinet because it is a smaller version of the Hammond C3 & B3 console type organs.

This is a proper electromechanical tonewheel organ & produces the proper Hammond sound, driven by a nice big heavy tonewheel 'generator' and fired through lots of valves giving it the classic Hammond organ sound.




I have owned this Hammond L122 tonewheel organ for 40 years & purchased it for 675 at the time. It is in reasonable condition for its age, all of the drawbars function & most of the tabs. It is secured on a metal framed wooden base with sturdy wheels for easier manouverability.

I am looking for 550 for this rare classic instrument

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