Leslie 222 Speaker For Sale

Leslie 222 Speaker For Sale

This Leslie 222 speaker was originally fitted to a Hammond A100 console organ which I sold around 20 years ago & hasn't been played thro' since. It comes with the fittings from the A100 organ plus a very long multicore cable. The Leslie 222 is a 40w Balanced input, made especially for Hammond console organs



The decorator style Leslies, sometimes named 'low boy' types, were aimed at the home market. They came in, at the time, very fancy and innovative cabinet styles with more home friendly dimensions. The resemblance to a 60's style home stereo system is not totally off target. The basic idea of these cabinets were that the compartment for the bass speaker was placed beside the rotor section - not under as in the ordinary Leslies.

These beauties were first introduced in 1966-67. If you know your Leslie history you'll know that at this time there were yet no solid state Leslies and all Leslies were two-speed





I am looking for 550 for this classic Leslie speaker.

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