Roland CR68 Drum Machine For Sale

Roland CR68 Analogue Drum Machine / Rhythm Unit For Sale



The Roland CR-68 is a vintage analogue drum machine that was first made in the late 1970ís and was one of the first drum machines ever made. It comes in from before the days when MIDI was a standard so there aren't any MIDI connections.  


As far as the sounds on the Roland CR-68 are concerned, this has the exact sounds that should come to mind when you think of an old school drum machine. This drum machine has definitely been used on a ton of records from this time period, as it's a very familiar sort of cheesy drum sound. By modern standards it is certainly not an ideal drum machine if you're looking to get something close to real sounding, but for getting that cheesy analog/vintage drum machine sound, this is where it's at.


The Roland CR-68 is a bona fide classic and should be treated as thus and take it for what it is. It reinvented the wheel in it's time, even if the sounds aren't what you would look for if you want a modern sounding drum sound. However, for those looking to turn back the years a bit, the Roland CR-68 is a lot of fun to mess around with and can certainly work in modern music if this is the type of sound you're going for. 



I have owned the  Roland Compu Rhythm CR68 since around 1979 but not used it for around 30 years. The machine is in full working order & shows a few rust spots on the front panel but is in fairly good condition. It comes with a plywood flightcase & the original instruction manual. On the rear are jacks for output, start/stop, and fill.

I am looking for around £440 for this classic instrument.

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