Yamaha CS50 Analogue Synth / Synthesiser For Sale

Yamaha CS50 Analogue 4 Note Polyphonic Synthesiser For Sale




The Yamaha CS50 is a classic anologue synth & was one of the first polyphonic synthesisers on the market in the late 1970's & looks like a scaled-down version of the monstrous CS-80, and it is! This will benefit those who crave the famous classic Yamaha analogue synthesiser sound without the struggle of lugging around the 215 pound CS-80! The CS-50 weighs in at about 100 pounds. The CS-50 is also just 4-voice polyphonic and just a 49-note standard keyboard. It does feature pressure (aftertouch) sensitivity route-able to several destinations, however.

There are 13 preset sounds of various instruments and synth sounds and was used in the day by Men Without Hats and Herbie Hancock.





I have owned the Yamaha CS50 since around 1977 & it has not been used for around 30 years. It is in full working order & in reasonable condition for its age, although the chrome legs are showing a few signs of age. It comes with the original instruction manual & sales leaflet & is contained in its own flight case (the legs fit into the lid of the case along with the music stand) & there is also foot pedal for volume.

I am looking for 1950 for this rare classic instrument.

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